Digital Bees aims to build relationships that will last years, not just one visit.

Digital Bees' services and solutions are complementary with Apple products as we strive for the same excellence in innovation and ease of use. Regardless of the services we provide or solution that we develop for you, our top priority is customer satisfaction.

We prefer to think of ourselves as partners with our clients. Our aim is to provide you with something that just works, that way you can focus on your productivity while we focus on your IT.

New Installations 

Are you just starting up a business and looking for an IT service provider that will work with you?

Digital Bees provides cost effective services and solutions that are designed specifically for your needs. When planning new installations we don’t only look at your current requirements, we also look at how you will grow and what your requirements will be for the lifetime of the solution that we implement.


Changing from one computer system to another can be a daunting task, if you are after answers to questions like:
Will my files work on a Mac?
How do I move my accounting package over?
What programs will we use?
Digital Bees has the answers for you. We have worked with many clients to deliver successful migration strategies, making the switch as seamless as possible.