Digital Bees offers competitively priced hosting services, whether it’s your email or your website – if you want to live in the cloud we have the right solution for you.

Mail Hosting

Digital Bees offers premium email hosting, run from servers here in Australia. Our services offer small businesses all the features and functionality that one would expect from an enterprise mail system without the enterprise price tag.

Our mail systems use Kerio Connect, a product highly regarded for its features, security and ease of setup for end users.

The servers we run our services on are redundant, highly available hardware in a world-class data centre – which is just a fancy way of saying we did everything we could think of to make them rock solid.


per mailbox, per year

2GB of storage

per mailbox, per year

20GB of storage


per mailbox, per year

50GB of storage



Key Features

  • Unlimited aliases

  • Unlimited mailing lists

  • All your data stays here in Australia

  • No limit on devices per account

  • Remotely delete accounts from stolen/lost devices

  • Recover deleted emails for up to 30 days

  • Sync Contacts

  • Sync Calendars

  • Share your calendar with other users

Web Hosting

$150.00 per year


20GB Traffic per month
1GB of storage

This plan is best suited to small businesses that simply need an online presence, and expect a smaller count of visitors.

$200.00 per year


30GB Traffic per month
3GB of storage

Is a major part of your business developing leads through your website? This is the right plan for you.

$300.00 per year


100GB Traffic per month
5GB of storage

Do you sell products through your website? Do you get over 100 visitors to your site a day? This is the plan for your company.


All plans come with the following features and functionality:

  • cPanel access

  • SSL certificate for all hosted domains

  • DNS hosting

  • PHP support

  • MySQL support

  • Hosted in Australia