Our Story

Digital Bees originally started as a digital playground for web projects and coding hobbies, and acquired Bit Street's hosting and consulting business in 2017, supporting many small businesses (in the 1-50 computer space) in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. We offer general IT consulting, web and mail hosting solutions and service monitoring.

As well as offering services to small businesses, Digital Bees also offer services to home users and enterprise clients. Typically our personal services are better suited to higher end home users looking at centralising family photos and media or families who have evolved beyond one computer for the family paradigm.

Our service offering for larger/enterprise clients are generally focused around two areas, the first developing and project managing applications for mobility. Using our skillset in creating solutions for small business, we find that larger businesses enjoy our ability to hit the ground running, creating solutions that empower users and maintain control for department managers. The other area that we are able to assist larger clients is with pilot projects involving implementation of Apple Macs and integration with existing infrastructure. We have found that larger organisations find our knowledge of both Apple and Microsoft products invaluable.